Self Serve

Self-serve features


This is a built in safety feature, the equipment will stop, but time continues to run.


The pre-soak dispensed at low pressure loosens dirt and road film from the car. Recommended to begin carwash with Pre-soak.

Engine Cleaner

Solvents dispensed at low pressure loosens grease and dirt accumulations on engines and tires.

High Pressure Soap

Warm detergent dispensed at high pressure dislodges dirt & grime,spraying in hard to reach areas. Recommend use after pre-soak and foaming brush.

Foam Brush

Dispenses thick, rich foam via soft bristle brush made of non scratch hog hair.


Dispenses low pressure paint sealant with UV protection deters road film build up. This is one of the easiest way to shine and protect your vehicle.

High Pressure Rinse

Clean rinse water applied at high pressure removes remaining detergent solution from the vehicle.

Spot free Rinse

Dispenses treated water by reverse osmosis,removes dissolved solids that cause spotting.


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